Best Invoice Apps in Australia For Tradies & Small Business

For a small business in Australia, sending invoices is an essential part of the job, but not one you can always hire a person to handle, which is why invoicing apps are so useful. Invoicing apps are a huge benefit for tradies and service businesses who are always on the go. But what exactly are invoicing apps, and how can you choose the best one for your business needs?

Invoicing apps are mobile apps that allow you to handle financing on the go, like sending invoices and receiving payments. When looking for an invoicing app, you should focus on ones with affordable plans, simple invoicing, and good data security.

Handy apps for Apple and Android devices make it easy for small businesses to create invoices from their phone or tablet on the go. They’re a powerful tool for managing your business’ cash flow and ensuring you get paid as quickly as possible. 

If an invoicing app sounds like a tool that will help your business, you may ask yourself: which is the best invoice app in Australia? Well, we have compiled a helpful guide to choosing the right invoicing apps, plus our recommendations for the best apps for Aussie businesses.

 Keep reading to discover the top 8 invoice apps in Australia!

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What Is an Invoicing App?

Invoicing apps are designed to help small business owners and their teams manage their day-to-day financial needs by generating quotes and invoices. Many have additional features to manage bank balances, bill payments, profits, and cash flow.

Invoicing apps are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses without full-time accounting staff to handle invoices daily. They are designed to be user-friendly, perfect for tradies and support staff who don’t have accounting qualifications. Most of these apps can also be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet so that you can tackle quotes and invoices on the go.

There are several invoicing apps that can even be used for free, but access to a full range of features will often be locked behind a subscription. However, with a range of apps available on the market, there are plenty of reasonably-priced choices. You should look for an app that suits your business budget and has features that will save your time and effort in the long run. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of invoice apps, as well as our top picks for Australian businesses. 

Benefits of Invoice Apps for Small Businesses

Invoicing apps help small business owners, like tradies, stay on top of their accounting needs. Not only do they help keep your finances organised and track quotes and payments, but they also keep quoting consistent and allow you to quickly generate the documents you need daily.

Here are some of the benefits of using good invoicing software: 

  • Helps Tackle More Bookkeeping Within the Business – If you’re a tradie or service business, you are probably running your business independently or with a reasonably small team. This means that you won’t have the luxury of hiring your own accounting department to handle your day-to-day quoting and invoicing. Accounting and invoicing software allows business owners to manage more of their finances internally, saving money on accounting fees. 
  • Invoicing & Payments On The Go – An invoicing app will allow you and your team to generate quotes and access documents no matter where you are, meaning you can work on the go. The best invoicing apps are user-friendly, meaning individual tradespeople and crews can invoice while out and about, and even receive payments from clients immediately. 
  • Stay Organised While Scaling The Business – Business accounting and invoicing may seem simple when you start a new business and only have a handful of customers, but that can quickly change as your business grows. As you build a steady stream of customers, it will become tricky to handle the accounting needs on your own. This is where invoicing apps can be an excellent tool to help your business manage its finances. 
  • Helps New Business Owners Manage Their Responsibilities – Many Aussies have the goal of running their own business, but most forget that accounting is a big part of keeping a business afloat. This means that just having a strong trade or skill set is not enough to run a successful business. Trade or service business owners also have to worry about marketing their business, handling leads, closing sales and more. 

The financial side of a business can seem daunting to new business owners and even experienced ones who don’t have bookkeeping experience. Invoicing apps make it so much easier for everyday people, like tradies, to keep tabs on their current quotes, pending invoices, and payments. 

But how do you choose the best invoicing software for your business? Learn more about what to look for below. 

What to Look For in an Invoicing App

Ease of use, security and price are the three main factors to look for in an invoicing app. As a small to medium-sized business, a simple and safe invoicing app will streamline your invoicing and ensure that invoices are sent and bills are paid without dedicating a full-time person to that position. 

Here’s what you should consider when choosing your invoicing software:

  • Mobile-Friendly – If you are running a business and managing a team, you are always going to be on the go. You’ll want to find invoicing software you can run and access from your phone or tablet to keep things easy. Being able to issue quotes and invoices on the go will be game-changing! 
  • User-Friendly – In addition, look for a user-friendly app to keep the whole experience hassle-free. Ideally, you’ll want your entire team to be able to easily use the quoting and invoicing app in the field. Stick to the features you need and don’t overcomplicate things, or you may have trouble getting all staff on board with using the app. 
  • Compatibility With Your Devices – Some invoicing apps are only available for Apple or Android devices, so be sure to consider what brand of phone or tablet your team will be using to quote or invoice. If your team is using different devices, you’ll want to make sure there are integrated apps that work for iPhones and Android devices. Otherwise, you may need to invest in standardised phones or tablets so everyone is using the same OS. 
  • Features – Before choosing an invoicing app, make a list of what functions you want the app to perform. For example, are you looking for a full accounting package, or an invoicing app that integrates with your current software? Do you need to track your staff’s expenses and bookings, or is invoicing the only functionality you need? 
  • Security – Your invoicing app will typically contain sensitive information about your company and its customers, so it is essential to use a service that has strong protection from data leaks and breaches. Your clients trust your business regarding their personal information and payment details. So make sure you do your research and choose an invoicing app that prioritises security.

  • Cost-Effective – Budget and cash flow are always a big consideration for a start-up trade business. Although free invoicing apps exist, most require a one-time payment or a subscription to access all the best features. However, it’s true that more expensive does not always mean better, and you don’t want to pay for the additional features you don’t actually need. 
  • Existing Software Integration– When choosing an invoicing app, you may want one that integrates with your current quoting software, CRM system or accounting app. In fact, some accounting apps like Xero and MYOB have their own invoicing features, or integrate seamlessly with third-party apps. 

If you are on the fence about using a paid app, check if a free trial is available. This is an excellent way to get a feel for the app without forking out money upfront. It also helps you weigh up the pros and cons of the app you’ve chosen. 

What Features Are Important in an Invoicing App? 

Some of the most important features to have in an invoicing app are an invoice generator, the ability to set recurring invoices and accepting partial or multiple payments. These features are the most commonly required for small businesses and will save time and effort when sending invoices. 

There will be some features that are a must for tradies, but it ultimately depends on your business. While some businesses require an invoicing app that has payroll or expensing features, something like recurring invoices is more important for others. 

Nobody wants to spend money on fancy tools they’ll never use, so only invest in the things that will be useful to the way your business runs. To help you figure out what features you should look out for in an invoicing app, we have come up with a handy list of what to keep your eyes peeled for.

Features to look for in an invoicing app include: 

  • Invoice generator 
  • Recurring invoices 
  • Accepting partial/multiple payments 
  • Automatic calculations for invoicing 
  • Ability to follow up unpaid invoices
  • Client profile portal and contact list 
  • Tool to track project expenses 
  • Integration with different payment methods 
  • Dashboard for easy-to-view financial overview
  • Budgeting and forecasting capabilities 
  • Staff management tool 
  • Ability to invoice in Australian dollars  

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in your business invoicing software, let’s take a look at the top apps in Australia. 

The 8 Best Invoicing Apps for Small Businesses

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing an invoicing app? Don’t worry, we’ve put together our top picks for invoice and quoting apps in Australia, all suitable for tradies and other service-based businesses.


Fergus gives tradies and business owners the tools to manage hundreds of jobs and easily schedule their team on the field regardless of their locations. It also allows simple assignment of tasks, remote scheduling of staff, tracking of teams, and removal of unnecessary administrative work. 

Fergus is best utilised by medium-sized tradie businesses or small tradie businesses that are currently growing or looking to expand.  

Fergus Device Compatibility 

Pros of Fergus for Tradies

Some of the main pros of the Fergus invoicing app are:

  • Easy job tracking processes
  • Quick creation of invoices and quotes 
  • Easily manage your team on the go with drag and drop scheduling, time entries and GPS tracking 
  • Easy to read dashboard with a financial overview

Cons of Fergus for Tradies

The cons of using Fergus as a tradie include: 

  • Can’t be used on a desktop 
  • Some customer reports on functionality issues

How Much Does Fergus Cost?

There are three Fergus plans, a free, default plan, a $35 per month plan and a comprehensive $60 per month plan. The Basic $35 per month plan is a great baseline for small to medium tradie businesses. 

Fergus Reviews 

Fergus has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on

“A far easier way to run the day to day of your business. I’ve pretty much gone completely paperless – the calendar and task feature is my diary. The customer support is epic and I love using this software. It’s been a game changer for me. […] How it keeps track of 99% of everything I need to run the day to day side of my business. I dunno how I managed with out it. Everything is attached to the job electronically and you can go back and look up what you need.” – Amy F,

“By far the best job tracking software on the market today. All field staff have access to all the information required to do their job, Creditor invoices are not missed off being charged as all invoices are imported directly to job and then with a push of a button directly write to your accounting software. […] This software does not have any “Cons” to report back on, everything about Fergus is user friendly and yet Fergus are continually updating the system in an effort to make even more user friendly.” – Sheryl L,


The Invoicely app is designed to make life easier for small businesses by allowing you to spend less time worrying about your finances and more time focusing on your business. Invoicely offers a range of handy features to streamline your invoicing with tracking abilities, finances in one place, and online payments. 

Invoicely is best for small businesses and freelancers, as it has the tools required for small businesses with affordable plans. 

Invoicely Device Compatibility 

Pros of Invoicely for Tradies

The pros of using Invoicely include: 

  • Ability to track time, expenses and mileage of jobs to ensure all employees are fairly compensated 
  • Personalise invoices and documents with your brand logo 
  • Option for setting up multiple businesses and accounts 
  • Ability to send automatic payment reminders and set up recurring invoices 
  • A free plan is available

Cons of Invoicely for Tradies

The cons of using Invoicely for invoicing include: 

  • The free version offers minimal services
  • Customer support is limited to email 
  • According to customer reviews, some bugs need attention 

How Much Does Invoicely Cost? 

The cheapest Invoicely plan costs $9.99, with other plans costing $19.99 and $29.99 per month, with each having more and more additional features. Invoicely also has a basic free plan. 

Invoicely Reviews

Invoicely has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on

“Very clean, crisp and fast system with great feedback about invoices sent by email or text. It has pushed me into being more ‘paperless’ – delivering invoices by email or txt when possible. Early days but I’m hoping it will make me more efficient and help me deliver a more professional image over invoicing clients. It would allow me to produce invoices when on the road which before I couldn’t do.” – Peter B.,

“Easy to use with a slight learning curve. […] Invoicely (previously known as Invoiceable) boasts a basic set of features for the small-time user who wants to generate a few invoices every now and again. […] The cons of the Invoicely software come in when you look at what it was before it took on its new form. Previously although it lacked a load of customization and features the ease of use and restrictions were not as heavy as they are now. At every turn, the basic user feels as though they need to upgrade with the lightning bolt looming beside feature tabs.” – Trevoulin G –


Xero is an award-winning accounting app that can help tradies streamline their financials, including an awesome online invoicing feature. Xero has great mobile functionality so that tradies can access all their accounting information from the worksite.

Xero’s invoicing features include invoicing directly in the Xero app, automatic reminders and the ability to accept payments instantly via credit, debit and direct debit options. Providing more than just invoicing functions, Xero can also update your cash flow projection in real-time, import transactions from bank accounts, and set up unlimited user logins.

Xero integrates with over 1,000 third party business apps and supports multiple currencies. There are also dedicated Xero apps for accounting, expenses, payroll and projects available on iOS and Android devices. Xero’s collection of apps makes it easy for small businesses to coordinate records with their bookkeeper or accountant. 

Overall, Xero is best for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive accounts package.

Xero Device Compatibility 

Pros of Xero for Tradies

The benefits of Xero as an invoicing app include: 

  • Getting paid for your jobs faster with in-app invoicing 
  • Tracking inventory from your phone
  • Invoice tracking and auto-reminders for outstanding invoices 
  • Keeping track of your claims and expenses online (no more lost receipts!)
  • Checking on your finances at a glance with the business dashboard 
  • A free trial available to make sure Xero is right for your business
  • Great training resources provided

Cons of Xero for Tradies

Based on customer reviews, the negatives of Xero as an invoicing app are:

  • No free version available after the trial 
  • Many potential Xero and third party app set-ups to choose from 
  • May be too comprehensive for simple invoicing needs
  • Can be challenging to use on older devices 
  • Reviewers report slow reponses by customer support

How Much Does Xero Cost?

Xero plans in Australia start at $27 per month and reach as much as $110 per month, so you’ll be able to choose the tier that works for you. The different Xero plans add additional features, such as using multiple currencies and automating superannuation. 

Xero Reviews

Xero has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on

“Easy software to use. I struggle with accounting and book-keeping related tasks but Xero allows me to just tick and file automatically. Creating invoices or editing invoices is very simple. Xero also merges with our business ordering software and all jobs transfer over automatically once set up.” – Super Skips,

“While Xero’s accounting software may be simple to use, be warned that user support is virtually non-existent. There is no contact phone, no online chat facility, and too-few personnel dealing with queries. Instead, one’s query must be logged online in writing, using Xero’s case management process.” – J. Maxwell,


MYOB is accounting software made by Aussies, for Aussies. MYOB has various apps and services that target different business types. One of the best options for tradies is the MYOB OnTheGo app. This app is easy to use on the go and allows you to easily manage your accounts and cash flow. 

MYOB has a variety of different programs tailored to different business needs. For example, MYOB Advanced is best suited to bigger businesses, while MYOB Greentree is best for those who need ERP and business management software. If you are a sole trader or small to medium-sized business, MYOB Business will have all of the tools you need without any of the features that you don’t have any use for. 

MYOB Device Compatibility 

  • Windows: Yes (web browser, Microsoft Office 2010 or later [32 bit], or adobe reader v7 or later)
  • Mac: Yes (web browser)
  • iOS: Yes (App Store)
  • Android: Yes (Google Play Store)

Pros of MYOB for Tradies

The biggest pros of using MYOB for tradies are: 

  • Different versions to suit various business structures 
  • Less manual data entry required 
  • Easy but secure login options
  • Send invoices on the go
  • Real-time data at your fingertips 
  • Option to take payments on your mobile

Cons of MYOB for Tradies

The cons of using MYOB for a tradie business include: 

  • Sometimes it’s challenging to identify which MYOB version to use  
  • Not all versions of MYOB are available on mobile

How Much Does MYOB Cost? 

MYOB plans start at $12 per month and reach $80 for their most expensive package. More expensive packages include benefits like connecting an unlimited amount of bank accounts and being able to manage multiple currencies. 

MYOB Reviews 

MYOB has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars on

“Service and training provided was on point and detailed. Professional and friendly Trainer, she was aware what she was talking about and had answers to my queries. Excellent and highly recommended.” – Salveen,

“When i used MYOB back in the early 2000’s as a sole trader it virtually eliminated the need for an accountant, so my first choice when i decided that i wanted to run my own show again was MYOB. The free trial was excellent, all the bells and whistles with the bells and whistles price. All the extras i don’t need as a one man band, i trailed half a dozen programs, EOFY the emails came thick and fast and i was glad MYOB sent there offer, i gladly jumped on board and i am very happy with the product and the Knowledge I’m supporting an Australian company. Something we all should consider when we spend our money!!” – Michael,


Tradify is a one-stop-shop for all things accounting, aimed at trade businesses with up to 20 employees. The Tradify app provides tradies with simple ways to manage timesheets, invoices, scheduling, field service management, and job reporting.

Tradify has a large user base that is constantly growing, mostly used to great effect by tradies and small service-based businesses.

Tradify Device Compatibility 

Pros of Tradify for Tradies

The benefits of using Tradify include: 

  • Specialised for the needs of tradies
  • Track all your jobs online
  • Easy-to-use invoicing tool that collects all your timesheets and receipts 
  • Can sync with several other accounting systems 
  • Keep track of what jobs your employees are at with GPS tracking 
  • Free trial is available

Cons of Tradify for Tradies

Some negatives of using Tradify include: 

  • There is no free version available after the free trial 
  • No in-person training resources are on offer

How Much Does Tradify Cost?

Tradify plans are priced at $39 per user, per month. Tradify doesn’t lock features behind more expensive plans, unlike other invoicing apps. However, Tradify’s only user price is higher than the lowest plan of competing apps. Tradify does offer a free, full access trial period. 

Tradify Reviews 

Tradify has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on

“Really helpful. Gave me an extended free trial period. Are very fast to call back wroth over the phone support. I’m not moving any time soon. Love this tooll and the company. […] I use it daily to quote and invoice my jobs as a Data Cabler. T connects with my suppliersso my invoices are costed correctly. I’m a happy camper. The mobile app is 100%functional. So I can invoice customers on the job if I need to and take payment via credit card via stripe. Easy.” – Paul T.,

“Saves time quoting and invoicing, layout of invoice looks good, the app is easy to use so the guys in the field don’t struggle with how to use it. […] Doesn’t get updated very regularly I used a competitors software for a while (doesnt integrate with MYOB essentials which is why i stopped) and they did regular improvements every month. doesn’t integrate with other calendar programs like google calendar. […] Pages on the app do take a long time to load and a big downfall no offline access to the app.” – Darren H


The Invoice2go app allows tradies to send professional invoices, create customer invoices, accept online payments and manage your business with insight reportings. Professionally maintaining your finances has never been easier. 

Invoice2go is best for independent contractors, small businesses and freelancers because the app is fast, cloud-based and simple to use.

Invoice2go Device Compatibility 

  • Windows: Yes (web browser)
  • Mac: Yes (web browser)
  • iOS: Yes (iOS 13.0 or higher, App Store)
  • Android: Yes (Android 5.0 or higher, Google Play Store)

Pros of Invoice2go for Tradies

Some of the main benefits of Invoice2go include:

  • Option to send an invoice immediately after a job is complete, allowing you to get paid faster 
  • Personalisable invoice templates 
  • Easily convert quotes into invoices 
  • Track customer’s activity 
  • Sync data across all employed devices 
  • Free trial available

Cons of Invoice2go for Tradies

The biggest cons of Invoice2go are:

  • No free version available after the trial 
  • Can’t be used on a desktop
  • The training resources are limited to documentation

How Much Does Invoice2go Cost?

The monthly Invoice2go plans cost either $7.99, $12.99 or $49.99 per month. These plan levels come with different benefits like how many invoices can be sent and integration with services like QuickBooks. Paying for an annual plan instead of a monthly plan provides significantly better benefits and discounted rates. 

Invoice2go Reviews

Invoice2go has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on

“I have been using the software for more than 7 years and I have seen it grow and evolved. No product is ever perfect but overall I have been extremely satisfied with Invoices 2 Go and recommend it for anyone looking for simple invoicing and book keeping application for their business. […] Easy access anywhere, any time, on any devices. Very simple to make your own template for your company. Offers different methods of payment aside from the classic credit card trio such as Paypal and Apple Pay. Easy to create customer and item database.” – David M,

“Professional look of the inv and also it’s ability to give me a total for invoices that haven’t been paid and when overdue.The fact it no longer is able to notify you when an invoice has been opened is a real downside from previously being able to.” – Rod J,

“To navigate around the 1st time can be daunting but once you get the hang of it it’s ok” – Paul B,


The ServiceM8 invoicing app is designed to help trades and service businesses manage their finances and improve productivity. Intending to streamline your business services, ServiceM8 allows you to easily manage your accounts from your mobile so you can work on the go. 

ServiceM8 is best for trades and service-based businesses, especially mobile-based businesses. With mobile apps and smartwatch integration, your invoices will be easier to monitor than ever before. 

ServiceM8 Device Compatibility 

Pros of ServiceM8 For Tradies

Some of the main pros of using ServiceM8 are:

  • Integrates with MYOB and Xero 
  • Choosing to send a text notifying clients of your ETA
  • Getting a map view of upcoming jobs and staff placements 
  • Recording employee clock-in and clock-out times 
  • Collect electronic signatures 
  • Smartwatch integration and compatibility 
  • Instant Post service available – send an invoice via Australia Post with one tap 

Cons of ServiceM8 for Tradies

Cons of the ServiceM8 app include:

  • The app is only available on iOS devices 
  • Drains the battery of mobile devices quickly

How Much Does ServiceM8 Cost?

The ServiceM8 plans start at just $9 per month for the most basic package, aimed at sole traders and reach up to $349 per month for large and established businesses. Each level has its additional benefits, and the more you pay, the more features you’ll have access to. 

ServiceM8 Reviews

Invoice2go has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on

“Overall it has great features but lacking one major feature for us which would cut down our admin time for invoicing and that is batch invoicing. Customer service unable to help with timelines for this upgrade or indication if it will be implemented?” – Lauren M.,

“Only good for a small company of 1-10 employees. Nice UX/UI on website and app. Quick and responsive. Their iOS app comes in handy for GPS tracking and forms submission. […] Don’t count on integrations, 90% of what I’ve tried didn’t work properly or didn’t work at all.” – Mohamed F

Reckon Invoices

The Reckon invoicing app is user-friendly with a range of features that are ideally suited for tradies. The app aims to get you and your employees paid faster for your jobs by creating a streamlined invoicing system. You can choose to subscribe to the modules that fit your business needs. 

Reckon Invoices is best for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a low-cost accounting option. 

Reckon Invoices Device Compatibility 

Pros of Reckon Invoices for Tradies

The key benefits of using Reckon Invoices includes: 

  • Easily track all jobs and their profitability 
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Store customer and supplier details 
  • Choose to schedule automated invoices

Cons of Reckon Invoices for Tradies

The key cons of Reckon Invoices are: 

  • Minimal integration options 
  • Some features and functions are still very basic 

How Much Does Reckon Invoices Cost? 

Reckon Invoices plans cost $10 per month for the most basic package and $49 per month for the most expensive package. They also allow you to create custom packages based on your needs as a business. 

Reckon Reviews

Reckon has a rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars on

“An easy way to get paid. Quick to respond (up to 2 minutes of waiting on the phone), knowledgeable and efficient in solving problems. Very friendly and eager to assist. The software also is user friendly and easy to understand.” – Cvijeta Lakic,

“As a small business, they never answer my emails for on going issues, issues have been ongoing for two years. Program is extremely slow to reload each entry. Tax settings calculate incorrect on Australian employees even after trouble shooting with an online help and accountant attempted to fix the problem. Cheap & easy to use, but other than that not much point.” – Team G,

Invoice Apps Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Free Invoice App in Australia?

Fergus and Invoicely are the top recommended free invoice apps in Australia. These work well for day-to-day invoicing, and if you find that it’s helping your business, it’s simple to upgrade to one of their affordable paid plans.

What is the Best Invoice App for Android?

Invoice2Go is one of the best rated invoicing apps for Android users! This android compatible app offers everything your business needs from invoice templates, purchase orders and credit memos. It is considered the ‘all-in-one’ invoicing tool for Android users. Plans for Invoice2Go start from $7.99 per month. 

If you’d prefer a free invoice app for Android devices, Invoicely is a highly rated alternative to Invoice2Go. 

What is the Best Invoice App for iPhone? 

ServiceM8 is our top choice for iPhone invoicing apps. This app allows you to streamline all your financial and accounting needs. Its features allow you to quote and invoice on the go, capture signatures, accept credit card payments, and more. It is optimised for Apple devices and is fast and easy to use. 

However, Service M8 is a paid invoicing app, and plans start from $9 per month. If you’d prefer a free invoicing app for iPhone, check out the highly rated invoicing app Fergus.

What Is the Easiest Invoice App to Use?

The Tradify invoice app is highly recommended for its ease of use! With great functionality and simple features, small business owners love how user friendly it is. Everyone in the team can share the load and take care of quoting and invoicing their jobs while on the go. 

Can I Print Out and Send an Invoice in the Mail?

Yes, you can still print out and post an invoice in Australia. However, this will take longer than issuing an invoice digitally or in-person and gives you less oversight. Paper invoices are also harder to coordinate and track. 

If sending invoices by post, it’s recommended you use Australia Post Registered Post to receive confirmation that the client has received the invoice. However, this will add to the cost of each invoice, so using an invoicing app can be far more cost-effective than paper invoices. 

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