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There are over 200 factors that Google takes into account when deciding where to rank a website. Know how to navigate these is what separates the good agencies from the best.

Find out how MyOnlineGuy can help your business in Perth & Mandurah make more $ from the internet
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With countless “Glorified Business Cards”  out there on the internet, it’s now more important than ever to have Website that is designed to Out Speed, Out Mobile, Out Convert and Out Rank your competitors.

Find out how the digital marketing experts at MyOnlineGuy can create or redesign a website for you in Perth & Mandurah.

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There’s a difference between doing social media and doing social media well.

Level up your customer relationships with social media strategy that hits the mark – while staying 100% authentic to your business.
MyOnlineGuy is ready to develop your personalised roadmap to social media success.

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All our digital marketing experience has led us to one conclusion: content creation is an opportunity too good to miss. Give customers confidence in your brand with tailor-made content, designed to suit the unique needs and wants of your audience.

Find out how a MyOnlineGuy content strategy can help you smash your sales goals.

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Jimmy taking notes on client's analytics and creating a sound strategy for them
Jimmy Mitchell, Founder of My Online Guy, together with Pauline Mitchell, Account Manager of My Online Guy

No Stone Left Unturned

Our process consists of testing multiple solutions until we find out the
best customised plan for the biggest growth of your website.

A straight non-growth graph.


Traditionally, most agencies have the same approach for every client. This improves profit margins for the agency, but rarely does this get the best results for the client.

A street graph.


We leave no stone unturned as we try to find the perfect strategy for your problem depicted in this graph. Every client and project has a different path, tailored to their needs.

Let’s Talk Growth.
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