Privacy Policy

My Online Guy, through its official site, regards the privacy rights of its clients and online visitors. This privacy policy explains what specific information we collect, process, transfer, utilise, and store from customers whenever they visit and make business transactions with us. This policy statement also clarifies how customers may review, change, and update certain details which were submitted to the platform.

Collection of Personal Information

While using My Online Guy, we may request you to provide personal information that will be utilised to respond to your inquiries or send valuable information about our current services and product offers. These personal details may include:

  • Complete name or business name
  • Permanent home or business address
  • Email contact (personal or business)
  • Website URL address (if applicable)
  • Service request
  • Marketing preference (voice calls, newsletters or print media)
  • Mobile number (personal or business contact)
  • Technical data for SEO purposes

Use of Personal Information

Upon submission of personal information to us, we will use those collected details for the following purposes:

  • Offering clients our broad range of professional services ranging from web development to SEO strategies
  • Maintaining our strong online presence through regular posting of new services and promotions
  • Utilising data analytics in order to improve website appearance, navigation, and overall performance
  • Encouraging clients to participate in any of our interactive activities, including online surveys, testimonials, and digital offers
  • Responding to all queries and other business-related matters through our prompt customer service support
  • Processing of personal information as permitted under any existing privacy laws
  • Sending out advisories containing new products, special offers, and general information through newsletters, PPC campaigns, and page subscriptions
  • Storing personal data with a high level of security protocols and confidentiality practices
  • Formulating the service contract according to specific service request and agreed on the quotation
  • Managing any contract disputes which may arise during the actual delivery of service
  • Sending out official order forms and preferred payment method

When you sign up an account with us, the processing of your personal information should favor our legitimate business interest, and it cannot be overruled by your rights alone unless My Online Guy has clearly violated your privacy rights as per implementing rules of the federal privacy law.

Data Security

My Online Guy promises to secure your valuable information from the beginning of every project until your order has been delivered to you. Our team is working hard to protect your data against any unauthorised access through strict implementation of data security protocols, such as:

  • Provision of restricted access only to those who must be granted access to such project information
  • Complete data encryption of all pertinent working documents, including client data, service contract, service history, payment details and technical details of the project
  • Regular testing and auditing of data security systems as part of service improvement
  • Deletion of the completed project upon request or once delivered to the client
  • Signed confidentiality forms between My Online Guy and its in-house employees and independent contract workers

The Use of Cookies for Tracking Information

When visiting our website or perform any online activity, your browser installs a cookie, a piece of data sent from our site, and then stored in your browser. The collected data from the cookie can be retrieved in order to help us monitor the online activities of our site users. Important details include log on time, visited links, and duration of stay on every service page.

We utilise cookies to record all online user activities, generate user analytics, and technical data to understand user behavior and market trends better. These details can help My Online Guy develop substantial service enhancements, improved targeting, and personalisation of online experience for the users.

Privacy Statements from Affiliated Links

It is often recommended to review the individual privacy statements of our affiliated links and advertising partners whenever you visit our website because they collect, use, store and process user information according to their own set of guidelines. My Online Guy has no direct control over these cookie details being utilised by other third-party sites.

Data Retention Policy

My Online Guy has the right to preserve all relevant project details, client information, and service contracts as future reference. However, clients are assured that all details will be permanently stored into our secure servers, though they are allowed to send us a formal written request to delete such information after the ordered product has been delivered.

Disclosure and Consent

We, at My Online Guy, do not share, disclose, transfer, and trade any personal information of our clients to third-party organisations other than designated workers and company employees. We may, however, disclose valuable information to consultants, advertising affiliates, and trusted service providers when necessary to help us deliver our professional services at our very best. Additionally, My Online Guy may be compelled to divulge such information when ordered by government authorities related to a serious criminal offense, tax liabilities, and fraud.

Data Protection Rights

My Online Guy grants customers the privilege to change, update, and delete any part of their personal information from our secure database. If you ever find any private information you wish to edit or remove from our system, you may contact our designated privacy officer or document controller through writing a formal letter of request to change such information.

We may ask customers to provide any identifiable information before we take action on their privacy concerns. However, if you are not satisfied with the process of how our privacy officers handle your request, you are allowed to file a formal complaint to data protection authorities regarding how we collect, process and store your personal information.

Online Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is only applicable to all forms of online activities, including form filling, payment transaction, order processing, and monitoring procedures performed within the official platform of My Online Guy. This will not be applied to different data collection activities executed outside of My Online Guy.

Privacy Policy Changes

My Online Guy may execute policy changes from time to time, but we will notify customers and affiliate members of any modifications through posting or email notification.

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