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Did You Know That 5.6 Billion Searches Happen A Day On Google.

As a matter of fact, there is a very good chance there is someone searching for your service on Google right now. In the 21st century its not a matter of if, but when you will have to start working on your online presence to stay competitive.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO as it’s more commonly known) is a practice traditionally shrouded in mystery. Fundamentally, what we do for you here at MyOnlineGuy is to have a comprehensive understanding of Google’s Best Practices and how it decides where to place websites in its rankings.

In theory this sounds simple enough. However, considering there over 200 ranking factors, the weighting of each one is a secret. With roughly 300 Algorithm Changes a year, it takes significant time and experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Not All SEO Agencies Are Created Equal.

As a business owner, you have most likely received phone calls from “Agencies” who can offer to rank you number one on Google for “x” Keyword.

While not a hard and fast rule, a significant amount of these agencies work on a “Churn & Burn” approach. This means they just do enough to fulfil what they agree to knowing full well you won’t use them again.

Not all agencies are like this. The digital marketing professionals at MyOnlineGuy, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for clients.

Another important factor that separates good SEO agencies from average ones is the actual SEO process undertaken. A qualified and experienced agency will happily talk about their processes and explain why they are doing what they do. Whereas others may try and hide there poor execution in secrecy and “top secret” processes.


Why Choose MyOnlineGuy As Your SEO Agency Partner

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We Have A Conversion centric approach

Ranking and keywords are nice, but do they tip the needle? We focus on what's most important which is how we promise/predict a return on your SEO investment through conversions.

We Focus On Educating Our Clients

We pride ourselves on taking time and effort to educate our clients in Perth on what we are doing for them, why we are doing it and how its affecting their bottom line.

We Aim For "Sticky" Long Term RAnkings

Be there for customers instantly when they have a question while browsing your site.

Why Do SEO?

We believe that Search Engine Optimisation should be a part of broader holistic digital marketing strategy. Why do we think that?… Well, SEO works if done correctly and by someone with experience.

One of the key advantages of doing SEO when it’s done correctly is that the results last for a long time and you can effectively set up a stream of free conversions (once the initial investment in SEO is paid for) 

Another advantage of SEO is that, once you get the desired results, it is a lot more cost effective to maintain than other traffic sources. Much like a rocket uses a lot of fuel to get into orbit, once it’s in orbit it takes minimal fuel to keep it there.

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

Google is a fickle beast sometimes. Short answer: It depends! It really does depend on your competition and what they have done to improve their own site and what SEO processes they have used.

At MyOnlineGuy we work in 12 month blocks with no lock in agreement.  The reason we say 6 months is because, in our experience and in most circumstances, we can get great results in this timeframe. If we can’t, we will know ahead of time and discuss our options.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Of Course!, the more people who understand SEO and its value the better the industry will be.

This is actually how we learnt here at MyOnlineGuy, through trial and error and experience on our own personal endeavours and websites. If you do want to tackle SEO yourself, we would encourage you to start on a site that’s not tied to your business as if not done correctly you can get penalised.

Jimmy is just a phone call away if you would like to take a more DIY approach. He’s always happy to talk shop over a coffee or beer 🙂

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