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Jimmy Mitchell, Founder and Head of Search of My Online Guy

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Did You Know That 5.6 Billion Searches Happen A Day On Google.

As a matter of fact, there is a very good chance there is someone searching for your service on Google right now. In the 21st century its not a matter of if, but when you will have to start working on your online presence to stay competitive.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO as it’s more commonly known) is a practice traditionally shrouded in mystery. Fundamentally, what we do for you here at MyOnlineGuy is to have a comprehensive understanding of Google’s Best Practices and how it decides where to place websites in its rankings.

In theory this sounds simple enough. However, considering there over 200 ranking factors, the weighting of each one is a secret. With roughly 300 Algorithm Changes a year, it takes significant time and experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Not All SEO Agencies Are Created Equal.

As a business owner, you have most likely received phone calls from “Agencies” who can offer to rank you number one on Google for “x” Keyword.

While not a hard and fast rule, a significant amount of these agencies work on a “Churn & Burn” approach. This means they just do enough to fulfil what they agree to knowing full well you won’t use them again.

Not all agencies are like this. The digital marketing professionals at MyOnlineGuy, WA, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for clients.

Another important factor that separates good SEO agencies from average ones is the actual SEO process undertaken. A qualified and experienced agency will happily talk about their processes and explain why they are doing what they do. Whereas others may try and hide there poor execution in secrecy and “top secret” processes.

Jimmy Mitchell, Founder and Head of Search of My Online Guy
Jimmy explaining various digital marketing and SEO strategies to the team
Jimmy explaining various digital marketing and SEO strategies to the team.

We started using Jimmy and his team approx 10 months ago to do a complete redesign of our website and build it to make it attractive for google and what our potential clients are searching for. We reverse engineered it basically. I must admit I did push fairly hard for us to get some key goals established so I could get a good measure on the results he was proposing. Jimmy was very honest and explained how we would achieve our organic ranking KPIs. 11 months on and wow, so glad we decide to use My Online Guy and Jimmy as he delivered on his promise and more. One of our key goals was to establish organic traffic and not be so reliant on Google Ads for our lead gen. Our organic listings now dominate the first page on google and we are generating leads at a much lower cost than paid ads. Thanks Jimmy and Team


Why Choose MyOnlineGuy As Your Perth SEO Agency Partner

We Have A Conversion centric approach

Ranking and keywords are nice, but do they tip the needle? We focus on what's most important which is how we promise/predict a return on your SEO investment through conversions.

We Focus On Educating Our Clients

We pride ourselves on taking time and effort to educate our clients in Perth on what we are doing for them, why we are doing it and how its affecting their bottom line.

We Aim For "Sticky" Long Term RAnkings

Be there for customers instantly when they have a question while browsing your site.

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Hear From Some Of Our Happy Client's

"We started working with Jimmy from a referral from a friend and im glad we went ahead. Myonlineguy has been doing our SEO for 7 months now and we have seen some great results. We took a new product offering for not ranking at all to top 3 in the super-competitive market of New South Wales. They also rebuilt our website to help if convert all the new traffic we were getting from the rankings. If you are looking to work with one of the good guys in the industry, i would happily recommend Jimmy to any of my friends."

Jimmy has been absolutely fantastic! He has built us a beautiful, functional website that meets all of our requirements. He has also been very patient answering my many, many questions along the journey and he is really forthcoming sharing his knowledge. His help has been truly valuable and greatly appreciated.

"My online guy has been great for our business, they are very professional, give a lot of updates on how our marketing is going and best of all we've seen great results very quickly!"

"The whole team at MyOnlineGuy have provided nothing but the best service. They've offered a practical, forward-thinking approach to our online marketing needs and digital support, something we were forced to seek outside of Mandurah before they came along. They're a genuine, hard-working team that we're really grateful we've found!"

Jimmy taking notes on client's analytics and creating a sound strategy for them
Man pointing a stylus pen to Traffic Sources Overview analytics result

Why Do SEO?

We believe that Search Engine Optimisation should be a part of broader holistic digital marketing strategy. Why do we think that?… Well, SEO works if done correctly and by someone with experience.

One of the key advantages of doing SEO when it’s done correctly is that the results last for a long time and you can effectively set up a stream of free conversions (once the initial investment in SEO is paid for) 

Another advantage of SEO is that, once you get the desired results, it is a lot more cost effective to maintain than other traffic sources. Much like a rocket uses a lot of fuel to get into orbit, once it’s in orbit it takes minimal fuel to keep it there.

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?

Google is a fickle beast sometimes. Short answer: It depends! It really does depend on your competition and what they have done to improve their own site and what SEO processes they have used.

At MyOnlineGuy we work in 12 month blocks with no lock in agreement.  The reason we say 6 months is because, in our experience and in most circumstances, we can get great results in this timeframe. If we can’t, we will know ahead of time and discuss our options.

Blurred analytics view of new vs returning visitor on laptop.
Wordpress website statistics displayed on laptop

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Of Course!, the more people who understand SEO and its value the better the industry will be.

This is actually how we learnt here at MyOnlineGuy, through trial and error and experience on our own personal endeavours and websites. If you do want to tackle SEO yourself, we would encourage you to start on a site that’s not tied to your business as if not done correctly you can get penalised.

Jimmy is just a phone call away if you would like to take a more DIY approach. He’s always happy to talk shop over a coffee or beer 🙂

What is Our SEO Process?

So, what is our SEO process you ask?

Technical auditing – We investigate and identify parts of your website which can be repaired and increase the optimisation of the website.  Typically we will be looking for redirects, keyword optimisation, 404 pages, title tags, content duplication, crawling errors and other factors.

Content Strategy – We scrutinise your content from an SEO standpoint and implement strategies to leverage your digital assets so that it contributes to your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research – We conduct keyword research to identify the areas which will give you only the highest search engine conversion rates.

SEO Strategies – We construct and develop an unbeatable strategy for not only your website but for your business. We get your site to where it needs to be to gain the rankings that you need and deserve.

We use a whole business approach to bring the key areas of your business together so we can target them and create an outstanding result-driven SEO strategy.

On-going Link Building Management – A great business never rests. So our business is always available and ready when you need us. We are always ensuring that your SEO campaign ins achieving results. We develop and implement ongoing link building and acquisition alongside well executed and thorough content to continually drive organic traffic and keep your business where it needs to be in the search engine ranking position.

Link Building Through PR Campaigns – Jimmy and his team have a proven track record of delivering results through link acquisition and digital PR campaigns. Not only can we massively improve your back-link profile, we can also consult with you to help you to produce linkable content assets.  We can aid your business and brand with digital reputation management using appropriate and ethical link-building strategies.

Content Marketing and Management – We certify that our team implements the best possible process for creating and adding content which, is done on-site. High quality and well written content is absolutely imperative when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website. Content strategy is arguably the most important factor to consider and our team will give you the very best in the business.

General Advice and On-going Management – We are highly responsive and always transparent when it comes to our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage ongoing ideas and questions and are more than happy to assist our clients whenever it is needed. As we say, a great business never rests. 

Adding to Your Team – Our end goal is to work towards becoming an addition to your team. What we mean by this is working with your managers or marketing team to generate the very best results we can deliver.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The projects we work on are billed at an hourly rate. The following hours are expected for our SEO projects

Small business SEO project –  15-30 hours per month.
Medium Sized Companies SEO project – 30-50 hours a month.
Large & Enterprise  Companies SEO project – 50-100+ hours a month.

All of our assignments are broken down to provide you with monthly deliverables. We provide you with a thorough report each month to show you the completed work and confirm consulting times.

Our costs are also dependant on your niche. We factor in the competitiveness your niche and the amount of work that has been invested, past work completed which may affect the the overall health of the website.

Blurred analytics view of new vs returning visitor on laptop.

Some common questions that our SEO team in Perth are asked

These questions might assist you with picking the right Perth SEO services provider.

  1. Do you do work on Local SEO campaigns?
    Yes, we do. We offer local SEO campaigns for various niches and specific clients. Get in contact with us to see if we are able to help to improve your website and business’ visibility locally.
  2. What are Black Hat SEO tactics?
    Black-hat SEO is a term which indicates the use of tactics and practices that don’t align with Google’s guidelines. Many black hat techniques are still being used by SEO companies and these tactics are a fast way to destroy your campaign and attract a manual action to your site.
  3. Do you work with small business owners?
    We do. We also work with funded start-ups and mainly work with companies which have over one million in revenue. 
  4. What is it about your agency that makes you the best in Perth?
    Our approach to digital marketing, SEO and all of the accompanying factors we use to create our blue-ribbon SEO campaigns are what make us the best. We guide our clients and their businesses along the way and provide technical advice and services which drive results and create ongoing customer relationships.
  5. What does Google consider to be the most important ranking factors?
    There has never been a published list which outlines the factors which are the most important for ranking within the search engines. The reason this hasn’t been disclosed is to prevent manipulation of the system. This is why SEO experience is so fundamental. Experienced SEO consultants can identify the factors which are most important when it comes to ranking. After identifying these factors, they can also make changes and implement the relevant strategies to form a website which fits into the guidelines set out by Google.
  6. How can I increase my organic online rakings and presence?
    A well-researched and maintained SEO strategy is imperative to improve your online presence. Once our strategy is in place it will continue to increase your digital growth and online presence. 
  7. Is it important to have years of experience in the digital industry?
    With anything, good results come from experience. It takes several years to gain the experience required to achieve these results for clients. SEO is constantly evolving and changing and although some of this information is available, understanding and better yet implementing this information to achieve results for clients is a different story. A strong SEO campaign is all about execution, and, experience is the underlying foundation required to be able to successfully achieve evidence-based results.    
  8. Do you offer web design?
    We have a team of web designers who specialise in all elements of web design. We work specifically with WordPress and use other platforms depending on our customers’ needs and specifications. Our web developers can create well-functioning and beautiful websites to entice your prospective clients. 
  9. Do you offer social media?
    Yes, we have a dedicated in-house Social Media Team 
  10. Do you construct SEO marketing tactics for clients?
    Yes, we do. We take on projects with many clients to create a branded-marketing strategy which incorporates all aspects of SEO. We help our clients to understand the results that they are likely to expect and the performance we can achieve for organic listings.
  11. What is the CTR on the first page for SEO results?
    CTR or Clickthrough Rate is measured based on different factors. When ads are displayed on a search engine CTR can sometimes reduce. We find that long-tail keyword search terms are more effective and tend to yield higher CTR.
  12. How many SEO specialists work at My Online Guy?
    We have a small but experienced team who work hands on with our clients. We believe that having an intimate team generates a better experience for our clients. We reduce the risk of things getting lost in the pipelines and make sure that we are across all avenues of the business. 
  13. Do I need new pages made for my website?
    This all depends on the way in which your website has been set up and the existing SEO strategy in place. Oftentimes we build new pages to increase the local search terms and to incorporate added content. We may also include markups on existing pages. 
  1. What are some SEO techniques your team commonly use?
    Unlike some SEO agencies, we implement ethical-only SEO techniques. To do this we perform various techniques such as, optimising and managing content for CTR technical analysis, working on and building internal links, optimising links and completing SEO analysis and audits.
  2. Does my website really need search engine optimisation?
    For many industries, the competition in the digital space for visibility is very high. While paid advertising methods may produce more immediate results the cost per click (CPC) can become unsustainable and majorly increase costs. This is why we recommend including some of your marketing budgets to allocate towards SEO for better long-term results and ongoing conversions.
  3. Where is your SEO team based?
    We are based just outside of Perth, WA. We work remotely and can service SEO campaigns throughout the whole of Australia and practically anywhere in the world. 
  4. Does your SEO team offer Pay Per Click (PPC) and AdWords services?
    Yes, we do. We offer PPC and Google Ads services to our clients. We understand that SEO is not a one size fits all approach and can accommodate other advertising means. 
  5. Are search engine rankings guaranteed?
    It is not possible to absolutely guarantee rankings. To promise this is against Google’s guidelines. 
  6. What are common SEO practices?
    Practices that we commonly use are technical SEO auditing, implementing schema onto the website and making changes to instated SEO projects.
  7. Who will be managing my account?
    Our dedicated SEO managers will carefully manage your SEO campaign. In doing so we are constantly keeping an eye on the competition, updates and other important factors. Having a small team makes it easier for us to manage our clients’ accounts and effectively consult with our other specialists. Overall, customer support is at the forefront and will always be handled as quickly as practicable.

If you are looking for an assistance from a Perth SEO agency, get yourself a FREE customised SEO proposal by contacting Jimmy today. We also service SEO in Mandurah and other neighboring suburbs.

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