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Jimmy Mitchell, Founder and Head of Search of My Online Guy

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You need a content strategy that’s a head above the rest.

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, content marketing is the most
powerful weapon in your arsenal.

In fact, you can think of web content as the Swiss Army Knife of digital marketing.
Blogs, articles and other resources deliver the kind of authority that makes
customers (and search engines) take notice.

Demonstrate you’re the expert in the industry and enhance your website’s SEO
performance with a targeted content strategy.

At the heart of our approach to content writing is one simple concept: delivering
content that’s genuinely valuable to your audience.

Good content can be hard to find.

With the internet at our fingertips, it can still be so difficult to find the information
we’re looking for.

Having unanswered questions is a major barrier keeping potential buyers from
converting – and instead of getting in touch, they’ll often jump to a competitor that
offers them more information.

So it makes a powerful impression on customers when they find the answer to
exactly the question they had in mind – and their next five questions too. Providing a
helpful resource out-performs traditional advertising on a massive scale when it
comes to return on investment.

At MyOnlineGuy, we’re passionate about content marketing because it genuinely
works. We can assist with every stage of the content writing process, from strategic
and keyword planning through to research, article writing and editing.

And Google loves our content too – we’re proud to say that our blogs and articles
deliver tangible, measurable results when it comes to SEO.

Jimmy Mitchell, Founder and Head of Search of My Online Guy
Jimmy explaining various digital marketing and SEO strategies to the team
Jimmy explaining various digital marketing and SEO strategies to the team.

We started using Jimmy and his team approx 10 months ago to do a complete redesign of our website and build it to make it attractive for google and what our potential clients are searching for. We reverse engineered it basically. I must admit I did push fairly hard for us to get some key goals established so I could get a good measure on the results he was proposing. Jimmy was very honest and explained how we would achieve our organic ranking KPIs. 11 months on and wow, so glad we decide to use My Online Guy and Jimmy as he delivered on his promise and more. One of our key goals was to establish organic traffic and not be so reliant on Google Ads for our lead gen. Our organic listings now dominate the first page on google and we are generating leads at a much lower cost than paid ads. Thanks Jimmy and Team


Why Choose MyOnlineGuy As Your Perth Content Writing Partner


Even the best content isn’t effective if nobody is reading it. We craft our blogs and articles to perform in search results, from topic selection through to article structure and tagging.


By creating content that’s valuable to your target market, our content attracts new leads, draws them closer to the point of conversion and helps you build your customer database.


Content needs to be authentic to the personality of your brand, using language that connects with your ideal customers.

Commercial Content writing rankings

Hear From Some Of Our Happy Client's

"We started working with Jimmy from a referral from a friend and im glad we went ahead. Myonlineguy has been doing our SEO for 7 months now and we have seen some great results. We took a new product offering for not ranking at all to top 3 in the super-competitive market of New South Wales. They also rebuilt our website to help if convert all the new traffic we were getting from the rankings. If you are looking to work with one of the good guys in the industry, i would happily recommend Jimmy to any of my friends."

Jimmy has been absolutely fantastic! He has built us a beautiful, functional website that meets all of our requirements. He has also been very patient answering my many, many questions along the journey and he is really forthcoming sharing his knowledge. His help has been truly valuable and greatly appreciated.

"My online guy has been great for our business, they are very professional, give a lot of updates on how our marketing is going and best of all we've seen great results very quickly!"

"The whole team at MyOnlineGuy have provided nothing but the best service. They've offered a practical, forward-thinking approach to our online marketing needs and digital support, something we were forced to seek outside of Mandurah before they came along. They're a genuine, hard-working team that we're really grateful we've found!"

Jimmy taking notes on client's analytics and creating a sound strategy for them
Man pointing a stylus pen to Traffic Sources Overview analytics result

How Does Web Content Help My Business?

Well-crafted content sends important messages to your audience – the exact messages that turn a prospective customer into a paying customer. 

When you read between the lines, web content says: ‘we understand your needs’ and ‘you can count on us to deliver the goods.’ 

The reality is that many potential customers drop out of the sales funnel before they’ve even made an enquiry. By addressing customer’s questions and pain points, a good content strategy helps keep them in the ring. 

Content marketing takes you from an industry player to an industry leader – and customers with more information and more confidence equals a higher conversion rate.  

How Does Content Help With SEO?

As an SEO-driven digital marketing agency, we deal with the ins and outs of search engine rankings every single day. So when we say that content is the most powerful SEO tool available, you know that we mean it. 

When blog content is updated regularly and consistently, it’s a signal that your website is relevant and up-to-date. And while your website’s staple pages have limited real estate for keywords and search terms, every blog article offers a new opportunity to reach your audience. 

Why are we so confident about it? Before bringing content marketing under our agency umbrella, we spent years running experiments on our own blogs and websites. We’ve honed our technique so that we can offer you the very best content services. 

It’s safe to say that the MyOnlineGuy lab has come up with a winning formula – and we’re ready to put our content writing strategy to work for your business. 

Blurred analytics view of new vs returning visitor on laptop.
Wordpress website statistics displayed on laptop

Does My Website Really Need A Blog?

This is the most common question we see from business owners, and it’s a good one. Content writing can be tricky and time-consuming for small business owners – so is it worth it?

Well, crafting a website for your business is like setting up a new shopfront – it’s less about what you have to do with it and a lot more about how you’ll put that space to work for you. 

As a holistic digital marketing agency, we aim to help our clients to get the most out of all the digital tools at their disposal. When you’re already renting the space, you have a great opportunity to use it in a way that draws customers in and helps support the sales process. 

If you’re still not keen on blogs, other useful content formats include step-by-step guides, troubleshooting guides, ebooks or industry-specific documents your audience can refer to.

Content & Blog Writing FAQs

Which topics should my content cover?

Every content package we put together is unique to your business and your needs. The goals you’re looking to achieve will ultimately shape the content planning process.

Some of the content planning approaches we use include search analysis (finding opportunities to rank well on Google for specific topics in your industry) and content gap analysis (identifying key questions your clients will have and tackling those barriers to conversion).

Many businesses also want to offer valuable resources to current and potential customers, so we specifically create our content to be practical and useful, building that key relationship (and potentially collecting customer details for your database in the process).

Most of the time, our clients have several goals they’re looking to achieve with a web content strategy. The topics we create our content around will be selected specifically to achieve those goals, supported by our industry research.


Will you be able to write in detail about topics in my industry?

Absolutely! The content services we offer include all the research required to craft an authoritative article on each topic. Every client we’ve worked with has been more than satisfied with the accuracy and level of detail in our blog posts.

If the topic is incredibly specific to your business and your products – for instance, how to perform maintenance on a unique piece of equipment – we may need a little bit of information to create effective content. However, we work independently as much as possible, making the process easy and convenient for our clients.


Do you schedule and post the blogs/articles for us?

For our existing web design clients, we’re happy to schedule your blog posts. We can also provide resources and instruction to make blog scheduling and posting simple, ensuring you or someone on your staff can accomplish it quickly and easily.

You’ll always have the chance to review the blogs or articles we create before they go live, giving you the final say on how your business communicates with prospective customers.


Do you also add photos to blog posts or do we need to take our own?

If you have relevant photos on hand, using genuine photos from your business helps tie in the content with your specific products and services. We can collaborate with you to select the best photos for each article. 

For all of our digital marketing clients, we recommend getting in the habit of snapping a few quick pictures during the course of your day-to-day work. Over time, this builds a library of images that can be used across your website, social media and web content.

If you don’t have photos on hand, we can also source stock images to complement your blog posts. During our initial consultation we’ll discuss the individual circumstances of your business and come up with the best approach.


Can you assist with content strategy if we already have a writer?

We’re happy to assist with content strategy and planning for our clients, including how to tailor your blogs or articles for SEO performance.

If you have any specific requests or requirements, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat about how Digital Marketing Agency MyOnlineGuy can help. 

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