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Jimmy Mitchell, Founder and Head of Search of My Online Guy

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Your customers live, work and play in two different worlds – the physical and the digital.

Most businesses have set up Facebook or Instagram, but the truth is, there’s a difference between having a social media account and having a social media strategy.

People know they should be using it, but not how to effectively use social media to connect with their audience.  And with social media platforms constantly developing new tools and features, even tech-savvy small businesses can struggle to stay ahead of the trends. 

What does effective social media marketing look like? Well, it never hurts to be popular, but Facebook likes don’t keep the lights on. The priority is making sure social media is actually helping your business secure those enquiries and sales.  

Without direction and focus, is your business social media helping to achieve your goals or undermining your brand’s message? 

One-size-fits-all strategy just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Social media advice is everywhere, but it’s often full of contradictory ideas on the ‘best’ way to use Facebook or Instagram. 

The reality is that there’s no magic formula for social media marketing, so we don’t use one either. ‘Tips and tricks’ are no substitute for a targeted strategy that will genuinely resonate with your audience. 

We always begin by understanding your business, your customers and what’s really important to them. Unlike other agencies, we never use generic or standardised strategies – instead, we build a content plan designed specifically to connect with your unique audience. 

At MyOnlineGuy, we’re here to bridge the gap between where you are and where you’d like your business to be. We can help maximise the performance of your social media – whether that’s collaborating on strategy, creative guidance, scheduling, analytics, or just getting your Facebook account off the ground.

We can also assist with social media advertising, ensuring your ads are targeted for maximum return. Our comprehensive reports keep you in the loop every step of the way, so you can quantify exactly what’s being accomplished and how it’s helping your bottom line. 

Jimmy Mitchell, Founder and Head of Search of My Online Guy
Jimmy explaining various digital marketing and SEO strategies to the team
Jimmy explaining various digital marketing and SEO strategies to the team.

We started using Jimmy and his team approx 10 months ago to do a complete redesign of our website and build it to make it attractive for google and what our potential clients are searching for. We reverse engineered it basically. I must admit I did push fairly hard for us to get some key goals established so I could get a good measure on the results he was proposing. Jimmy was very honest and explained how we would achieve our organic ranking KPIs. 11 months on and wow, so glad we decide to use My Online Guy and Jimmy as he delivered on his promise and more. One of our key goals was to establish organic traffic and not be so reliant on Google Ads for our lead gen. Our organic listings now dominate the first page on google and we are generating leads at a much lower cost than paid ads. Thanks Jimmy and Team


Why Choose MyOnlineGuy As Your Perth Social Media Partner


We don’t dilute your brand with a generic strategy that’s bound to miss the mark with customers. Instead, we approach social media management in a way that’s authentic to your business and the way you want to communicate.


As a digital marketing agency, we make sure your social media is working in harmony with every other part of your business. By looking at your business holistically, we can use Facebook and Instagram to amplify those key messages.


At MyOnlineGuy we love to crunch data – we always keep our finger on the pulse and monitor how each post performs with your unique audience. We use social media analytics to hone our technique until we have a perfect fit with your customer base.

Social media pictures of a client.

Hear From Some Of Our Happy Client's

"We started working with Jimmy from a referral from a friend and im glad we went ahead. Myonlineguy has been doing our SEO for 7 months now and we have seen some great results. We took a new product offering for not ranking at all to top 3 in the super-competitive market of New South Wales. They also rebuilt our website to help if convert all the new traffic we were getting from the rankings. If you are looking to work with one of the good guys in the industry, i would happily recommend Jimmy to any of my friends."

Jimmy has been absolutely fantastic! He has built us a beautiful, functional website that meets all of our requirements. He has also been very patient answering my many, many questions along the journey and he is really forthcoming sharing his knowledge. His help has been truly valuable and greatly appreciated.

"My online guy has been great for our business, they are very professional, give a lot of updates on how our marketing is going and best of all we've seen great results very quickly!"

"The whole team at MyOnlineGuy have provided nothing but the best service. They've offered a practical, forward-thinking approach to our online marketing needs and digital support, something we were forced to seek outside of Mandurah before they came along. They're a genuine, hard-working team that we're really grateful we've found!"

Jimmy taking notes on client's analytics and creating a sound strategy for them
Man pointing a stylus pen to Traffic Sources Overview analytics result

Why Do Social Media Marketing?

Hint: it’s not just because everyone else is doing it. 

The true power of social media marketing is reaching customers within their own social circle. Through helpful, engaging content, you become a familiar part of your target audience’s digital neighbourhood. 

Effective social media content speaks to your audience in their own language, connecting with their values and needs long before the point of sale. Building connections through savvy social media management also helps turn one-off buyers into loyal long-term customers, making the most of your marketing dollars. 

But just being present in the digital space is 10% of the deal – the other 90% is ensuring your social media content connects with the audience and reflects your brand’s messages. Only a targeted, consistent and responsive social media strategy will get customers over the line to conversion. 

What makes a successful social media strategy?

At the end of the day, it’s our mission to make social media work for your goals – whether that’s increasing brand awareness, generating new leads and enquiries, or tapping into a new market. 

At MyOnlineGuy, we’re always aiming to deliver genuine results that benefit your business in the long-term. That’s why we never use ‘social media hacks’ or short-term manipulations to gain more followers or likes. 

The bottom line is that you need to connect with the right audience – those that are most likely to purchase and even become profitable long-term customers. 

We take the focus back to the heart of what marketing is all about: your customers. By crafting social media content that resonates with their interests and values, we achieve results that have a real return on investment for your business. 

Blurred analytics view of new vs returning visitor on laptop.
Blurred analytics view of new vs returning visitor on laptop.

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

The projects we work on are billed at an hourly rate. The following hours are expected for our Social Media Projects

Small  SMM project –  4 – 10 hours per month.
Medium  SMM project – 10 – 20 hours a month.
Large & SMM project – 20 + hours a month.

All of our assignments are broken down to provide you with monthly deliverables. We provide you with a thorough report each month to show you the completed work and confirm consulting times.

Our costs are also dependant on your niche. We factor in the competitiveness your niche and the amount of work that has been invested, past work completed which may affect the the overall health of the website.

Social Media Management FAQs

Which social media platforms do you work with?

As the two most popular social media platforms, most of our clients request Facebook and Instagram management. However, we have the training and experience to use any social media platform that suits your niche. We’ve previously worked with LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and even Houzz to get the word out for our clients.

The more important question is which social media platforms your audience are using – and then planning how we’ll use it to connect with them.


Do you write and schedule social media posts for us?

Absolutely. We understand many business owners don’t have the time or resources to be hands-on with their social media accounts. That’s a big reason we want to step up with our social media management services, ensuring you aren’t missing out on all the benefits social media has to offer.

Our approach to social media management is always collaborative. We take the time to ensure we agree on the strategy we’re taking, and you’ll have the chance to review what we’ve scheduled before it goes live. We go above and beyond to make sure the way we’re communicating aligns with your business, while taking the hassle out of social media management.


Do I still have control over my business social media accounts?

That’s entirely up to you! We understand some people like to be more hands-on – creating some of their own posts, replying to comments, etc – while others prefer to hand over the reins entirely. You can be as active or as hands-off as you prefer.

With so much involved in running or managing a business, we give you the option to outsource your social media completely if that’s what works for you. In addition to content writing and scheduling, we can handle your account set-up and profile, responses and interactions with followers, and posting in Facebook groups to promote your business.

We can even engage with other local brands or influencers on your behalf if that’s something you’d like to go ahead with. Whatever social media support you’re looking for, we’re responsive to your needs and preferences.


Do you create content for us or do we need to take our own photos?

Every social media management package we put together is specific to your business and your needs.

Where possible, we utilise your existing photos and can provide guidance on what kind of photos will work well on social media. For many of our clients, we recommend snapping a few quick pictures during the course of their day-to-day work, building a library of content that can be used across your website and social media pages for years to come.

We’re experienced with image editing and the use of graphic design tools for social media, so even if you feel your photos aren’t quite up to scratch, there’s a lot we can do to put together a cohesive, professional feed.

During the on-boarding process we can have a chat about image sourcing and figure out the best way to proceed. In the end, it all depends on what you have on hand and what’s most appropriate for your industry.


Do I need specific goals in mind to use social media successfully?

This is actually the most important factor for social media success. Our social media management plans are always designed specifically to accomplish your goals – which may be lead generation, increasing exposure and brand awareness, reinforcing existing customer loyalty or networking with local organisations.

If you’re not quite sure what you want to achieve with social media, this is something we can talk through during our initial consultation. Taking the time to set clear goals upfront sets us up for success and gives us a clear way to measure results. 

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